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A deepening U.S Dependence on the Use of Foreign Oil is Detrimental to our very Survival.

The US is in a critical need to develop alternative sources of energy in order to prevent an imminent tragedy stemming from the growing dependence on the use of foreign oil.

danger of U.S dependance on foreign oil

With all the benefits that US currently derives from the use of foregn oil, it is hard to imagine all the devastating consequences to our economy and our way of life, when we no longer have the same easy access to Foreign Oil... The consequences of our Growing Reliance on, and Unrelenting Addiction to the Use of Foreign Oil can be truly Disastrous.

In the United States, crude oil represents a main source of energy, and a key element in the functioning of the U.S economy, while alternate sources of energy are not really used widely enough to be very significant. The problem with that arrangement is that, although, the U.S does not produce enough oil on its own, it still predominantly relies on the use of oil to run its economy. Because oil is a key ingredient, and the fact that we do not have enough, the U.S has become overly dependent on buying oil from other nations, to keep its economy going. What the U.S does not seem to realize is that oil, even the foreign oil, is a limited resource and someday there will not be enough foreign oil to keep up with our ever growing need for the use of oil. What this means is that we need to find some alternatives in order for the U.S to survive when oil becomes scarce. The good news is that there are, in fact, quite a few alternatives that we could explore and start using to reduce our dependence on oil. Most importantly, though, the U.S needs to realize that our ever growing dependence on the use of foreign oil makes us vulnerable to a major economic crisis should the supply of foreign oil be interrupted, and it seriously threatens our national security interests.

With the unprecedented growth in the price of fuel, in the last couple of years, it is difficult to underestimate the important role which oil plays in the U.S economy. We have already seen how public opinion reacted to the growing prices of gasoline in the wake of hurricane Katrina, with polls citing concerns over prices of fuel being a number one priority on the list of national concerns. A reader could argue that it is not a big deal if the fuel prices go up, then people will just drive less. But, the truth is that oil is a key component to much more than just the gas in our automobiles, in fact, majority of farming equipment used to grow and harvest food runs on oil. In the U.S, most of the food is transported over very long distances burning huge amounts of oil, before it even gets on our plate. The long and the short of it is that people consume oil like an Abram's tank. It is not just the transportation and agriculture industries that heavily rely on the use of oil, but the entire national defense field is run on oil. Virtually anything that gets produced in our economy, from cars to computers requires huge amounts of cheap oil. In fact, oil companies know exactly how important the availability of oil is in our everyday lives and they are the ones exploiting our dependence and making huge profits from it. Is it any wonder that oil companies continue to grow in wealth, as the fuel prices keep going up, even though several alternatives to fossil fuels have been developed, but not supported thoroughly?

Unfortunately, oil is a finite commodity, which means that it is limited and if we continue to move in the same direction, then some day the rate of oil consumption will exceed the available supply and it will lead to a major fall of production thru the full specter of the entire economy. Even the small shortage of oil available will cause oil prices to rise dramatically and the economy will stall. People will lose their jobs, stability, and their lifestyle will change dramatically. Fuel prices will be so high that only a few of us will be able to afford it, and our national security will be subjected to a great risk. Obviously, if that happened it would not be a good thing by any means, therefore it is imperative that the U.S becomes less dependent on the use of foreign oil, by finding ways to limit its use domestically, and developing and implementing alternative energy sources. In order to do that, we would have to change a lot of ways in which things are done, but it would be worth it in the long run. For example, what we could do is start driving smaller and more fuel-efficient cars such as hybrids that can achieve as many as 70 miles to a gallon, as opposed to fuel gobbling Sport utility vehicles. We would need to limit the amount of thermal power plants used to generate electricity. Instead, we could start implementing and using alternate sources of energy such as hydroelectric power plants that are extensively used in Canada. We could, also, implement nuclear electric plants, which are widely used in France. When it comes to transportation, we could start using railroads more extensively, same way it is done in Europe. Railroads, in turn, would be powered by electricity derived from nuclear and hydroelectric plants which would eliminate the need to use oil for transportation. Many different things such as food, equipment and whatever else it may be can be transported by means of railroads, instead of fuel hungry trucks that endanger everybody on the highway and pollute the environment. All these little things put together could change the ever growing oil requirements, and it would greatly reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

Perhaps the most important reason for the U.S to stop being dependent on the use of foreign oil is our national security interests. Currently U.S buys over fifty percent of its oil from foreign countries such as Saudi Arabia, and other nations that use the money to secretly finance terrorism with the money they get from us. On the grand scheme of things, the U.S represents only five percent of the world population, but it uses as much 25 percent of the world oil production. That, clearly, creates an imbalance of oil use, and if it continues to stay this way, then, soon enough, the world oil production will not be able to keep up with the requirements for oil consumption. That, in turn, will drive up the prices, and cause nations to fight for oil resources. Thus, the U.S should stop its dependence on the foreign oil while it still has time, and become self sufficient. If necessary, oil rich U.S based regions such as Alaska, can be used to aid with the oil supply during the transition period.

In conclusion, it is imperative for the U.S to become self sufficient in terms of its energy requirements, so that we may preserve our economic stability and protect our national security interests.

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