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Energy Audits and Alternative Energy Companies Directory

This directory lists companies specialising in renewable energy solutions including PV solar systems, wind turbines, and ground-source heating and cooling systems. Companies are listed in location-specific sub-categories for easy browsing.

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Energy Star Home Products

Energy Efficient Windows

ChampionWindow.com - Offers Energy-star rated replacement windows.

Energy Efficient Insulation Services

Dr. Energy Saver - Dr. Energy Saver is a home insulation and HVAC franchise specializing in environmentally friendly and energy efficient home improvements.

Wood Pellet Stoves

American Energy Systems - Manufactures and supplies renewable energy heating appliances including pellet stoves that burn corn, wood pellets, wheat and other biomass fuels, and flex-fuel fireplaces and furnaces.

Home Energy Audits and Conservation Companies


Gilbert Home Comfort

Southern Valley Services, LLC - Specializes in providing cost-efficient insulation services including attic, basement and crawlspace insulation, air sealing, blown fiberglass insulation, and energy audits for homes in the greater Huntsville, Decatur, Athens and throughout Alabama.
14647 Cambridge Ln, Ste E, Athens, AL, 35613
Phone: 1-844-436-6227


California Title 24: Energy Calculations - Energlo24 provides California State Certified Title 24 energy analysis compliance reports for residential and commercial buildings, on all new and existing properties in CA. Also provides auto CAD drawing plans for residential additions and commercial building envelope design, lighting and mechanical calculations.


PREenergizeCO - Specializes in providing home energy audits, air leak sealing, spray foam insulation, replacement windows, and solar powered systems for homes in the greater Denver and Fort Collins, Colorado area.


Dr. Energy Saver CT - A home energy conservation company servicing CT. The company specializes in insulation, water heaters, heating, cooling furnaces, and radiant barriers.

EcoLogic Energy Solutions LLC - Providing Eco-friendly home insulation services throughout CT.

Dr. Energy Saver by MacNaughton Builders - A home energy efficiency company specializing in home energy audits, insulation services, heating, cooling, and more in Connecticut and Massachusetts. The company offers free estimates.


Dr. Energy Saver in Delaware - Dr. Energy Saver in Delaware provides window replacement and home insulation in addition to energy audits. Visit their website for more information or to schedule a free quote.


Dr. Energy Saver of Des Moines - Dr. Energy Saver of Des Moines helps homeowners across Iowa lower their energy bills. Visit their website for more information.


Applegate Home Comfort - Insulation and HVAC company helping homeowners lower their energy bills and make their homes more comfortable.

Blanket Insulation Services - Dr. Energy Saver in Detroit is a home energy conservation company serving the greater Detroit area. They specialize in insulation, water heaters, heating, cooling furnace, radiant barriers, home energy audits and more.


Innovative Dr. Energy Saver

Innovative Dr. Energy Saver - Specializes in insulation, air sealing, home energy audits, crawl spaces, ice dam prevention and more for homes in Minnesota and North Dakota. Visit them online to set up your free estimate if you live in Bismarck, Fargo, Grand Forks, Minneapolis, St. Paul or another surrounding city.
Minnesota License: # BC524785
Contact Info:
Innovative Dr. Energy Saver
1100 Holstein Drive NE, Pine City, MN 55063
Phone: 1-877-365-0097

Terry Derosier's Dr. Energy Saver - Providing home energy audits, replacement windows, home insulation and more in the Greater St. Paul Minnesota area.


Henges Insulation in St Louis - Helps Saint Louis homeowners save money and energy at home, from testing and home energy audits to home improvements that make energy savings possible.


Dr. Energy Saver - Missoula - Helps homeowners in the area save money on their energy bills. Visit their website for more information, or to request a free home energy audit and an estimate.

New Jersey

Dr. Energy Saver by The Green Standard - Providing home energy audits and energy efficiency upgrades to Central New Jersey customers.

New York

Dr. Energy Saver in Dutchess County - Dr Energy Saver in Dutchess County helps homeowners save energy at home by providing home energy audits and home improvements geared towards saving money on energy bills.

ZeroDraft - Performs whole-house energy evaluations and provides home energy efficiency upgrades in Syracuse NY and surrounding areas.

Standard Insulation Conpany - Providing home energy efficiency solutions including foam and cellulose insulation services for homes in the greater Watertown, New Yorkamd surrounding areas.

Long Island

Grid City Energy Of Long Island - A full service PV solar panels and backup battery installation service provider in Long Island, NY.

Green Homes Long Island

Master Plumbing, Heating and Cooling - A full service home insulation, HVAC and energy audits company providing plumbing, water heaters, heating, cooling, indoor air quality, insulation, and energy efficiency services for homes in Greater Huntington Station, Long Island, NY and surrounding areas. 24 Hour, Emergency Heating & Air Conditioning repair services are available.

New Rochelle

Innovative Air Solutions

Innovative Air Solutions - Specializes in HVAC, duct cleaning, water heaters, insulation and energy audits for homes in the greater New Rochelle, Scarsdale, White Plains, Yonkers, Mount Vernon, NY and parts of CT. Visit them online to set up an estimate if you live in the greater New Rochelle, NY area. 24 hour emergency HVAC repair services are available.
Innovative Air Solutions
29 Elm Street, Tuckahoe, NY 10707
Phone: 1-800-785-9145

North Carolina

Dr. Energy Saver in Charlotte - North Carolina Dr Energy Saver in Charlotte offers home energy audits and home improvements aimed at saving energy and money in the greater Charlotte area.

Dr. Energy Saver in Outer Banks - Dr. Energy Saver in Outer Banks will help you save money and energy regardless of what is causing energy inefficiency.


Dr. Energy Saver of Cleveland - Dr. Energy Saver of Cleveland performs home energy audits to help homeowners discover the most cost effective ways to save money on their energy bills. Visit their website for more information or to schedule a free estimate.

South Carolina

Dr. Energy Saver in Columbia - South Carolina Dr. Energy Saver of Columbia is an energy conservation company offering home energy audits and home improvements that save energy at home.



Payless Insulation - Specializes in installing energy efficient insulation for homes and businesses in the greater Houston, and Austin, Texas.
Contact Info: Payless Insulation
Houston Office: 1818 W. 15th St. Houston, TX 77008
Phone: (713) 868-1021

Air Con Houston

AirCon Houston - Specializes in high-efficiency furnaces and air conditioners installations, repairs, and maintenance services, duct work, and air quality services for homes and businesses in the Greater Houston, Texas and surrounding areas. The company has been in business since 1969.
Contact Info:
AirCon Air Conditioning & Heating.
16628 Sea Lark Rd. Clear Lake City, TX 77062.
Phone: 281-488-HELP (4357)


Dr. Energy Saver - Salt Lake City - Dr Energy Saver performs home energy audits, home improvements aimed at saving money and energy in the greater St Lake City area.


Dr. Energy Saver - Virginia - Dr. Energy Saver offers energy efficient home improvements, and comprehensive home energy audits in Virginia.


Intermountain West Insulation - Homeowners in Central Washington can benefit from home energy audits, insulationm, and home improvements offered by Intermountain West Insulation in the Central Washington area.

Environmental publications dealing with Alternative Energy issues

US Dependence on Foreign Oil - The U.S subjects itself to a great danger by relying so heavily on the use of foreign Oil as a primary source of energy. Alternative sources of energy need to be explored, developed and enacted quickly because our very survival is at stake!

Alternative Energy Calculators

Solar Savings Calculator by EnergySage - Online solar prices calculator designed to help homeowners estimate the cost to install residential Solar PV (photovoltaic) power system. Solar price is calculated based on you monthly power usage in KWH, your electricity costs, size of your solar system, type of solar panels you want to use. Calculator provides total solar system cost - solar price less 30% feteral tax credit for renewable energy, and your state / local solar rebates. Salar Calculator also estimates solar payback period in years, and the cost to finance your solar system at interest rate specified by you.

Alternative Energy Organizations

Israel Strategic Alternative Energy Foundation - I-SAEF.org - Focuses on funding early-stage, high-impact Alternative Energy Technology Research in Israeli Universities.

Geothermal Heat Pumps - Energy.gov - Learn about geothermal heating and cooling, geothermal heat pumps, and the basic principles of geothermal energy.

Energy Efficiency Building Grants

Geothermal Companies and Contractors Directory


Watervale Geothermal

Watervale Geothermal - Specializes in the installation of geothermal energy systems for new and existing homes Baltimore, MD.

UK Geothermal Companies:

Geothermal International - Providing geothermal energy solutions for both residential and commercial projects in the UK.

Solar Energy Companies and Organizations

Renewable Energy Corporation

Renewable Energy Corporation.net - Renewable Energy Corporation is a solar energy product supplier and authorized installer in the Mid-Atlantic region. Located in Maryland and serving DC and Northern Virginia, Renewable Energy Corp. has been providing its services since 2002. Renewable Energy Corp are leaders in solar and green energy efficiency products, ranging from photovoltaic solar panels to solar water heaters.

Solar Sphere

Solar Sphere - Offers solar power kits, solar panels, custom built systems, thin film, and training courses for homeowners and contractors looking to get started in solar power.

Wind Energy Companies and Organizations

Alternative Energy Information and Web-Publications

Ground Source and Solar Heat Information:

Ground Source Heating - Learn how ground source heat can help you heat and cool your house at the fraction of the cost of using conventional heating and cooling equipment.

Active Solar Heating - Discover alternative ways to heat your home by using geothermal and solar energy.

Alternative Energy Sources

Alternative Energy Sources

PesWiki.com/ - Informational website covering advanced energy, alternative energy, photovoltaic modules, solar panels and solar energy, wind energy, wind turbines, and other renewables.

Solar Power Information

Energysage.com/solar/ - Educates home and building owners about solar energy uses, solar panels, solar integration for residential homes and businesses.

Renewable Energy Jobs

Renewable Energy Jobs

Renewable Energy Jobs - Lists Green jobs globally across wind, solar, biomass and much more. Helps green job seekers and employers within the renewable energy sector to find each other anywhere in the world.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar Hot Water Systems

Free Hot Water - Offers solar hot water systems, components, materials and tools from the United States, Europe and Asia. Contains solar calculator for homeowners.

UK Renewable Energy Sources

PV Solar Power Systems suppliers in the UK


Environmentally friendly Recycling and Water Treatment Companies in the UK

Environmental Screening and Separation - Provides environmentally friendly water treatment services in the UK.

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