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Architecture Directory - Find Architects

Browse Architecture Directory to find residential and commercial architects in the US, architecture stock images, and world-wide architecture resources.


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Architecture Photo Images:

Architecture Stock Images - Provides stock architecture photo images.

Site Plans:

24h Plans - Offers architectural designs and site plans for building permits, marketing plans for existing homes, 3D floor plans, 2D floor plans, PV solar panel designs, custom plans for home additions and new construction projects.

Architects in the U.S organized by State:



Organic Architect - Offers consulting services, green architecture, and sustainable design in California, New Mexico and Arizona. Organic Architect is located in San Francisco, CA.


Grew Design, Inc. - Provides architectural design, construction management, building code consulting, cost estimating, and project management for residential, commercial and institutional building projects throughout the Northeastern USA. Milton Gregory Grew, AIA is a licensed architect (CT,NY,NJ), building official, construction manager, and interior designer. Grew Construction, LLC can also provide general building construction services for Grew's designs or the designs of others. Our strength is in making the process simple by handling permitting, expediting, managing consulting engineers, and being a complete resource for our clients.


Gallardo Architects - Offers architecture and design services in Miami, FL. Specializes in Medical, Hospitality, Residential and Commercial architecture.


Approach Architects - Located in Boston MA, offers residential, commercial and financial architecture and design services. Provides branding and site design for banking branches and locations, develops retail locations, assists homeowners in designing and building decks, patios, kitchens and entire house.

New Mexico

Allegretti Architects - For more than twenty years, Allegretti Architects has created elegant sustainable designs in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Discuss your project with us today and find out how together we can build exciting architecture.

New York

Robert A.M. Stern Architects - NY based design firm with wide experience in residential, commercial, and institutional work. As the practice has diversified, its geographical scope has widened to include current projects in Europe, Asia, South America, and throughout the United States.


Architectural Realms - Provides residential, commercial, retail, and healthcare architecture services in Cincinnati, OH.

Rhode Island

Burman Architects - Located in Bristol MA, offers excellence in Commercial and Residential Architecture, Historic Renovations, Urban Design and Planning, Interior Design, and Project Management.

Architects Internationally:


For some smaller architecture companies, India can be an affordable place to outsource some of their mundane not mission critical architecture tasks. This may help the firm to free up its resources and focus on the important aspects of the work.

Creative Arch - Located in India, Creative Architects & Interiors offer unique services with classy and innovative designs while adhering to energy-saving and green-building concepts.

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