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Home Improvement Directory Compilation:

Contractors working in Home Improvement Construction industry can list their company using home improvement directories list, and construction resources provided below:

Construction Contractors Directories

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Construction Directory List:

Remodeling Directory - Lists residential remodeling contractors including basement finishing, waterproofing, roofing contractors, and home improvement companies.

Home Builder Directory - Find Home Building Contractors in U.S. Directory is organized by state categories. Also, lists speciality building contractors.

Find Local Directory - Directory of home improvement contractors, remodeling, and construction companies. Includes companies' reviews, ratings, and easy search by zip code and contractor's speciality.

Building Trades Directory UK - Browse commercial builders and domestic building trades specialists in the UK.

Green Construction Book - Lists green building contractors, and Eco-friendly home improvement companies.

Home Improvement Dir.org - Lists home improvement contractors, home builders, and commercial construction companies.

Construction Industry Directory - Offers Category placement to Home improvement Contractors and Construction Industry sites. Basic Service is provided free of charge and does not require a back link per say, although you can link back if you find the service useful. Recommended for quality and putting User First.

All Construction Directory - Lists residential remodeling and commercial construction companies in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and worldwide.

HomeBlue - Find Home Contractors - HomeBlue is a home improvement contractors network and directory.

Building design UK - Architectural Building Design and Construction resource.

UK Construction Directory - A list of building trade contractors, suppliers, and manufacturers in the UK.

BuildingOnline - Construction industry directory and search engine, uses redirects. Covers residential construction, lumber, building products and home improvement products industries.

All Green Products.org - Directory listing green home products, and Eco-friendly home service companies in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and worldwide.

builder bug directory

Builder Bug - Provides construction Vendor listings by industry trade, narrow field specialization and geographic location.

UK Home Improvement Directory - Lists building trades suppliers and home improvement contractors throughout the UK.

Roofing Directories:

The Roofing Directory - Helps home-owners find roofing companies specializing in providing roof repair and replacement services for homes in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Worldwide.

Contractor resources:

Sites 4 Contractors - Provides affordable website design and online marketing solutions for construction contractors and tradespeople.

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