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LED Lighting Directory

Lighting plays a very important role in human interaction with the world. Conventional lighting products started out as incandescent bulbs that are not really energy efficient. In fact, only five to ten percents of the energy used up by conventional incandescent bulbs goes to light, the rest is energy converted into heat, or simply wasted energy. Because, we live in a world where energy efficency and green building practices play a very important role, more energy efficient lighting products have been developed, become available, and sometimes are even given away free of charge by the local governing agencies of towns and cities.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Compact florescent bulbs (CFLs) use only about 25% of the enrgy of the regular incandescent bulb, they release much less heat and last considerably longer. Compact florescent bulbs cost a bit more than conventional lighting bulbs, but they last a lot longer, and actually pay for themselves after about five hundred hours of use. One downside to florescent lighting is that it contains mercury and requires a proper recycling method to dispose of the used up florescent bulbs.

LED Lighting - Green Solar Lighting

Although on the expensive side presently, LEDs are truly a new generation green lighting product that uses very little energy and lasts ten times longer than florescent bulbs. LEDs aren usually sold as complete units, and although initially LED lighting costs considerably more, it can last for a very long time thereby reducing the building maintenance costs associated with replacing the bulbs. LEDs are ultra cool, and energy efficient lighting product, that illuminate space, safe energy, and integrate well with green building practices.

Lighting Products and Manufacturers Directory

Browse Directory of Lighting links to find products ranging from flash lights, and spot lights, to light fixtures and lighting bulbs. Find manufacturers of conventional lighting products such as, manufacturers of light emitting diodes, or LED bulbs and lamps that can be used for house applications, commercial and industrial lighting uses.

LED Lighting Manufacturers

uSave LED - Manufacturer and supplier of commercial LED lights and provider of energy efficient lighting solutions including retail stores, hotels, car dealerships, billboards, hospitals and other commercial and industrial setting requiring modern, energy efficient lighting solutions available nationwide. The company is based in Boca Raton, Florida. Toll Free phone: (855) 672-7020.

Eastar Lighting - Manufacturer and supplier of energy efficient luminaries for home and commercial lighting.

LEDtronics - Manufactures LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). Offers LED Lamps and LED bulbs for a wide variety of applications from decorative lighting, to flood lights and home uses.

EcoLEDs.com - Manufactures LED light bulbs, and spotlights that can replace 10-100 watt conventional light bulbs at homes.

New York LED Lights Supply

Light Up Co - Manufactures custom LED lighting products for commercial and industrial uses. Builds and designs Solar LED, CFL and HID Street lamps.

LED Lighting - Retail - Wholesale Products Directory

Light Bulb Planet - Find a large selection of energy efficient LED light bulbs at Light Bulb Planet.

LED Lighting by Eternaleds

Eternaleds.com - Carries a large selection of LED lights including LED Spotlights, LED Globes, Strips & more for use in home, office and retail stores. Located in state of California.

Larson Electronics - LE sells 12 - 24 volt lights, HID lights, spotlights and searchlights for use in the outdoors.

Solar Lighting Manufacturers

Solar Lighting by Greenshine

Greenshine - Solar street lights - Manufactures custom LED lighting products for commercial and industrial uses. Builds and designs Solar LED, CFL and HID Street lamps.

LED Lighting Resources

Green LED Lights.org - GreenLEDLights.org lists LED lighting manufacturers and suppliers, and provides consumer purchasing guides and educational information.

LED Lighting UK

LED LightHouse.co.uk - LED Lighthouse provides domestic LED lights, LED floodlights, LED strip lights, and LED growing lights in the UK. Also provides commercial LED lighting Installation consulting and fitting services in London, UK.

Retail Lighting Products

Wrought Iron Light Fixtures

illuminaries.com - Sells wrought iron light fixtures, chandeliers, sconces, and lamps. Also offers outdoor lighting products.

Solar Lighting Manufacturers UK

Tuscanor Lighting - develops and manufactures customized solar powered lighting systems for a wide range of lighting applications, such as solar street lights, solar garden lights and solar lawn lights.

LED Lighting Manufacturers in China

Sheenly Lighting Co - Manufactures sustainable LED lights for commercial buildings, parking lots and office lighting.

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