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Log Homes Directory

Lists Log Home Builders, contractors, and manufacturers of Log Home kits in the US, Canada and Internationally.

Log Home Cabin

Log Home Maintenance and Termite Infestation Prevention

Weather you are building a brand new log home, or a log home cabin, it is important to take the necessary precautions to keep the termites at bay from the very beginning of constructing your log home, or renovating an exisiting one. If you are serious about maintaining a termite-free log home for yourself and your family, then be sure to review the basics of identifying termites before they take over your home.

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Log Home Manufacturers

United States


Log Homes and Cabin Plans - Avalon offers a full line of services for luxury log homes, custom log homes, and log cabins. Also provides log home plans, and information about log cabin prices.

United Kingdom

Log Cabins

Log Cabins by Buy Sheds Direct - Buy Sheds Direct offers a huge selection of quality log cabins in all shapes and sizes to suit any garden and any budget, plus a wide range of log cabin accessories to choose from with Free Delivery in the UK.

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