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Mechanical Contractors Directory

This directory provides free listings to Mechanical Contractors in the US and Canada. Companies are listed under the specific state in which they offer mechanical contracting services. The links provided under the state categories will take you to a web-site of a particular mechanical contracting company.

Mechanical Contractors in the U.S organized by State:

Nation Wide Mechanical Service companies in the U.S

CMS Mechancial Service Company - Provides mechanical services to industrial plants, commercial organizations, schools, hospitals, and hospitality businesses. Mechanical Services include repair, installation, design, and maintenance of air conditioning, heating, refrigeration, and electrical equipment. Offers on-line customer support reporting and tracking. Provides 24 hour facility management on-line reporting.


KM KELLY - Provides electrical, mechanical as well as instrumentation, control construction services for industrial and commercial customers. Offers Low Voltage instrumentation and Control, Process Piping, Lighting, Equipment Setting, and Calibration services.

Rhode Island

Aero Mechanical Inc. - Offers boilers, chillers, HVAC, plumbing construction, and fabrication services to state, federal, and private commercial and industrial construction projects in the RI area.


Moore's Electrical and Mechanical Construction, Inc. - Offers design and build services for commercial, industrial electrics, plumbing, heating, HVAC units, and refrigeration infrastructure in North Carolina and Virigina. Also, has residential department offering residential mechanical services.

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